Menu - (Subject to Change - Please call for prices)

Ice Cream Cones and  Cups   Waffle Cones  
  Small     Small  
Regular     Regular  
Large     Large  
Sampler Dish (4 flavors)        
Ice Cream Sundaes     Other Treats  
  Small     Ice Cream Sandwich  
Regular     Choc. Chip Cookie Sandwich  
Deluxe     Strawberry Shortcake  
Brownie Sundae     Stampede  
Peanut Butter Cup Sundae        
Banana Split        
Raging Bull        
Beverages     Take Home  
  Milkshake     Half Gallon  
Malt     Quart  
Root Beer Float     Pint  
Ice Cream Soda     Ice Cream Sandwich Six-Pack  
Small Soda        
Large Soda        
Orange Soda Cooler        
Bottled Water        
Sorbet Spritzer        


Flavors - (Subject to Change)

Ice Cream     
  Chocolate   Vanilla
Choc. Chip Cookie Dough   Pistachio
Chocolate Chip   Peppermint Stick
Coffee   Black Raspberry
Cotton Candy   Toasted Almond
Carmel Cashew   Collins Compost
Collins Mud   Grapenut
Cookies & Cream   Strawberry
Coconut Choc. Chip   Cow Chip
Grasshopper   Cake & Ice Cream
Red Raspberry Choc. Chip   Butter Crunch
Mocha Chip   Mint Chocolate Chip
Red Velvet   Rum Raisin
Tiramisu   Orange Pineapple
Cherry Vanilla   Root Beer Float
Soft Serve   Low Fat / Sugar Free
  Chocolate   Black Raspberry
Vanilla   Raspberry Swirl
Twist   Butter Pecan Praline
Yogurt   Sorbet
  Milky Way   Raspberry
Red Raspberry Choc Chip   Mango
Sundae Toppings   Candy Toppings
  Hot Fudge   M & M's
Caramel   Reese's Pieces
Butterscotch   Gummy Bears
Strawberries   Rainbow Sprinkles
Blueberries   Chocolate Sprinkles
Maple Walnut    
Sugar Free Hot Fudge    

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