About Us

The Collins Creamery was founded in 1997 by Jack and Mavis Collins of Powder Hill Farm. As bulk milk prices began to drop in the 1990's, the opening of the Creamery was part of a greater effort to diversify their operation as well as to raise an awareness of the importance of local agriculture. 

Now owned and managed by Tony and Michele (Collins) Bellafronte, The Collins Creamery continues to thrive by offering over 20 flavors of ice cream and a quiet, country setting with outdoor seating.  We also serve frozen yogurt, soft serve, fat free ice cream and sugar free ice cream.  For those who like to eat at home, our ice cream is available in take out sizes as well.

2007-2016 The Collins Creamery     9 Powder Hill Road    Enfield, CT 06082   (860) 749-8663    info@thecollinscreamery.com